Mandatory digital marking in Russia

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Generation of serial numbers

Interface to the national system

label printing


To combat product counterfeiting in Russia, the serialization of an increasing number of products will be mandatory. Until the end of 2019 the following product groups are affected: Tobacco, Footwear, Perfumes, Products of the Light industry, Medications etc. Every product within the defined product group, which is manufactured in Russia or imported into Russia needs to be labelled with a specific data matrix code.

The software solution includes the following modules

What's in the code?

The data matrix code consists of an identification part and a verification part (crypto key). The identification part contains the GTIN and the Serial Number and can be generated by the manufacturer itself, while the verification part, consisting of the Verification Key and the E-Signature, needs to be requested from the system provider (CRPT).

Our solution:

Our solution BetterID, which is specially designed for serialization requirements in Russia, generates serial numbers, delivers them to the system provider of the Russian track and trace system (CRPT = Center for Research in Perspective Technologies) and also demands simultaneously the verification part, so that the printing of the required data matrix code can be initiated accordingly.

A compliant data matrix code can be generated by the web application BetterID which can be assessed from any computer. To do so, the operator only enters the GTIN of the product (Batch and Expiry Date are optional) on the BetterID web interface. BetterID now ensures a safe generation of Serial Numbers and passes them on to the system provider (CRPT). Upon receiving the GTIN and Serial Number, the system provider generates the verification part of the code. The Verification Key and the E-Signature will be transmitted back to the BetterID module and the operator receives the compliant data matrix code. The printing of labels can then be initiated on the BetterID web interface and the operator also receives a download file with the generated codes. Alternatively, the file can be passed on to a printing company who prints these data matrix codes on the folding boxes.


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