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Every industry faces different challenges! The solutions from BetterTec Services GmbH can be used across industries and adapted to the special requirements of your market or your company.

Trade with unauthorized goods and counterfeits is a growing problem for a lot of manufacturers in the cosmetics industry. With our solution set for the labeling and tracking of products, we help our customers to combat the grey market trade.

In other industries and countries, the labeling of products is even becoming mandatory. Our serialization solution specially developed for the pharmaceutical industry helps pharmaceutical manufacturers with the labeling of prescription medicine in conformity with the Falsified Medicines Directive (EU directive 2011/62). The Russian Federation has also already implemented product marking requirements for various product categories.

Further fields of application for our track and trace solutions as well as warehouse solutions can be found in the following industries:



Construction Materials

Fulfillment / Logistics

Fine Mechanics


Automotive Supplier


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