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For linking websites, QR-Codes are essential. However, static QR-Codes have also a few disadvantages since they refer to the same content. The content of static QR-Codes can not be changed or adjusted afterwards. The only way to change or adjust the content of the QR-Code is to generate and print a new code. This is why our BetterConnect Solution enables the use of dynamic QR-Codes. With dynamic QR-Codes you are able to determine and adjust the destination URL, the user should be forwarded to, later on. Another feature of a dynamic QR-Code is that you can trace when and where the QR-Code was viewed or scanned by the customer.


A dynamic QR-Code is not changeable after print, but the deposited website is dynamic, can be adjusted anytime and even be changed to a different destination. The dynamic QR-Code will be assigned to a forwarding web page instead of the target website. When scanning the QR-Code, the customer will not be forwarded to the target website straight away, but will rather be forwarded to an invisible website, on which an evaluation of specific information will take place.
The database contains information about the current tracking history, promotions, product recalls, cases of thefts as well as product- and country-specific information. With this information the location of the customer can be identified, the website can inform the customer about promotions and also offer customer service (e.g. warranty). Resulting of this evaluation, the customer can then be forwarded to the most appropriate website.

SOLUTION: BetterConnect

The BetterConnect Solution can be used for the identification of grey market and theft products as well as counterfeits. BetterConnect also serves for personalization and customer loyalty programs, e.g. Loyalty Codes. The customer can be addressed with relevant and localized information and can be informed about new innovative product functionalities.
Additionally, BetterTec offers a track and trace solution, which allows the tracing of a multistage logistics chain.
Every product can be traced back anytime, from the production across the central warehouse through to the retailer. It is also possible to link the QR-Code to the last player of the logistics chain. The customers will be forwarded to the website of the distributor, who has scanned the product last. This will attach the customer not only to the brand, but also to the distributor / retailer.  

The dynamic QR-Code benefits not only the manufacturer, but also the retailer. If the retailer scans the received goods, he will be recorded as the last player of the supply chain and the customer will be forwarded to his website. The forwarding rules are determined in a central defined set of rules, which can be adjusted anytime. The set of rules takes account of personalized and also localized data, so that the customer is forwarded to the most appropriate web page. This could be the website of the manufacturer or the retailer, but also web pages for competitions, promotions or customer service (warranty). If the date of expiry is running out or in case of defect production, the customer can be informed after scanning the QR-Code and a whole batch or certain products can be recalled. The application can also be a big help for combating the grey market trade since the last player of the supply chain can be identified due to the track and trace feature.

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