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Track and Trace


Trading with unauthorized or counterfeit goods is an increasing problem for many manufacturers. With the software modules BetterID, BetterTrack and BetterTrace, we offer you an effective solution for identifying counterfeits and combating the gray market. The software solution is based on a clear labeling of products, a customized safety solution and the traceability of the products, also via a multilevel logistics chain from the central warehouse to the distributor warehouse. Our track & trace solution includes extensive evaluations and interfaces to upstream and downstream systems, e.g. ERP, WMS, etc.

The software solution includes the following modules

Your Benefits

Authenticity check

by serializing your products, you can check at any time whether it is an original or a counterfeit

Combating Gray Market

Goods outside the official distribution channel can be identified and unauthorized dealers can be revealed

Greater transparency

Supply chains become transparent: Products can be tracked from the manufacturer through the distributor warehouse to the consumer

Product recalls

Product recalls can be managed more easily and efficiently through greater visibility throughout the supply chain

STEP 1: Serialization

Product Identification Numbers (‘ID’s) are generated at the individual item level using the BetterID web application. Each product is therefore unique. The identification numbers generated with BetterID are randomly generated – on a predetermined security level – and therefore cannot be guessed. The product can be labelled with the product ID both visibly and invisibly.

STEP 2: Linking the ID to customer orders

As part of the BetterTrack application, each product ID is associated with the relevant customer order data. Homogeneous packaging units are recorded on shipping carton or pallet level.

STEP 3: Traceability

By linking the product ID with the customer order data, the delivery route of each individual product found in the gray market can be reconstructed (BetterTrace).

fields of application

Gray Market Surveillance

Combat gray market trading and identify sources of unauthorized traders and counterfeit goods.
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Distribution Control

Find out which route your goods take after leaving the central warehouse and how they get to the consumer.
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Track & Trace

Increase transparency throughout the supply chain by tracking your products right through to the consumer.
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Customer Approach

Address your customers in a personalized way, e.g. with forwardings to raffles, promotions or the customer service.
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Increase transparency throughout the supply chain