Track your products

- and increase your transparency throughout the whole supply chain -

In the age of global trade, many companies are confronted with product piracy and counterfeiting. The need for clear identification is growing in all industries and the identification of products (serialization) is becoming increasingly important. The serialization solution developed by BetterTec Services GmbH marks each product with a unique identification number and thus creates the prerequisite for a complete traceability along the entire distribution chain.

Our portfolio consists of modules for the clear labeling of products and their aggregation into various packaging units, such as shipping boxes and pallets. Our modules can be freely combined or used bundled as a complete solution.

Labelling of Products and Storage Locations

Let your product become unique by labelling it with clear, unique identification numbers.


Meet the legal regulations with our compliance solution, for example by labelling your goods forgery-proofed in conformity with the EU falsified Medicines Directive.

Track & Trace

Increase the transparency of the whole supply chain by tracking your goods to the end consumer.


Long-term customer loyalty through personalized approach of the consumer and remote point of sale market research