Serialization in the pharmaceutical industry

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Generating of Serial codes

Capturing serial codes

Uploading serial codes to the EU Hub


With its modules BetterID, BetterPack and BetterBase, the BetterTrace Pharma package offers a cost-effective (secondary) solution for counterfeit protection of prescription drugs. In addition to generating serial numbers and activating them through the upload to the NMVS (National Medicines Verification System) or the European Hub, we are happy to support you with other components of your serialization solution. If you need support with the technical onboarding of a second solution, with the integration of suppliers and distributors, with the identification of parallel or re-imports, with the validation of the serialization components or with the short-term provision of a fall-back solution, we will be happy to support you.

The software solution includes the following modules

Generation of serial numbers
The BetterID web application ensures that serial numbers are generated securely. The serial numbers are provided in the form of an export file and can be passed on to a printing system manually or automatically. By transmitting the serial numbers to an existing printing system, they can be printed on folding boxes. Alternatively, the serial numbers can be printed on labels, which we design specifically according to your requirements. Would you like to print labels quickly and yourself? Then we would be happy to put together a system customized to your needs.
Activation of serial numbers
The BetterPack module is used to activate the serial numbers that are actually coming into circulation. The data matrix codes of the packed folding boxes are scanned so that their serial numbers are available in an xml file for transmission to the verification system. The xml files generated in the BetterPack application can then be manually uploaded to the national verification system or the European Hub. Alternatively, data transmission can also be integrated into the BetterPack application.

Conversion of the serial numbers into a compatible upload file
Serial numbers generated and processed by external manufacturers can be adapted and converted to the required file format of the verification system in the BetterBase web application. The BetterBase module is a web-based application that can be accessed from any computer. For example, an Excel file with the used serial numbers can be uploaded to the web mask. These serial numbers can then be converted into a file that is compatible with the verification system which can be uploaded to the NMVS or the EU Hub.

Extended range of functions

You can now also use an extended functionality with which the converted data sets can be easily and automatically uploaded to the European hub via the EMVO gateway. The manual processing steps that were previously required for saving the file, switching to the EMVO user interface and the steps required there for selecting and uploading the file are no longer necessary, making the process more secure overall because it is less error-prone. In addition, the expanded range of functions includes a report that displays all uploaded data records as a proof of the upload.

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