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Paperless commissioning

BetterPick allows a digitalization of your storage processes. The commissioning process not only becomes faster, but also less error-prone. BetterPick operates with interfaces, for example the ERP System. From there orders will be loaded and stock changes will be transferred to there.

No incorrect deliveries and no product returns

Even during the picking process, BetterPick ensures that wrong products and incorrect quantities are not picked. The resulting reduction in incorrect deliveries can lead to a significant reduction in returns.

Fast routes through the warehouse

During the development of BetterPick, we paid special attention in choosing the route through the warehouse. Not every intuitively chosen route is optimal. The PDT (portable data collection terminal) device guides the order picker to the appropriate storage locations on a route that is optimally calculated for each order. In this way, even inexperienced employees can find their way around the warehouse straight away. Thus, initial trainings for new employees are much shorter.

Your benefits

Lower susceptibility to errors

The scanner-guided process minimizes picking errors by clearly identifying the items.

Lower costs

The error-free picking process minimizes follow-up costs (e.g. returns).

More transparency

The process is documented digitally and makes data transparent in real time.

More efficiency

The picking process becomes faster; manual efforts do not occur.

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You need professional hardware?

If DATALOGIC, HONEYWELL, ZEBRA or other hardware producers: We are happy to provide you with the hardware required for your project. Contact us!